Braque Francais of the Ozarks Kennel

Braque Francais Pyrenees (French Pointer)

History :The Braques Français (literally translated French pointing dog) are hunting dogs, from a very old type of gun dog used for pointing the location of game birds for a hunter. There are two breeds of Braque Français, both from the south of France, the Braque Français, type Gascogne, and the Braque Français, type Pyrénées  They are popular hunting dogs in France, but are still considered rare in North America. The original Braque Français type of pointing dog has existed since the fifteenth century. For more information see the article from Gun Dog Magazine below. breed combines the best attributes of many other breeds into one dog–convenient coat, compact size, calm and obedient temperament, natural ability, early maturity and versatility.

Temperament: The breed’s sensitivity demands care in training. This is perhaps the primary difference between the Braque Francais and its look-alike counterpart, the German shorthair. The GSP, like most other versatile pointing breeds, has considerable resilience to stern correction. They bounce back quickly from episodes wherein the boss lost his cool. But the Braque requires a more gentle approach.

Our kennel is located in the Heart of the Ozarks just outside of West Plains, MO. It is located on our private quail preserve of B&J Quail and Hay. We are a small kennel and usually will only have one litter available per year.  We strive to protect the bloodline and integrity of the breed and are very selective of our breeding program.  Our dam, Bozeman’s Lady, was purchased in 2010 from Wayne and Trina Fredrickson of Big Sky Boykins in Bozeman Montana. She is Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), and NAVHDA registered as well as OFA certified for hips and CERF for eyes. Lady’s mother, Nicca, is the daughter of Homere du Mas du Diable, who won The European Coupe in 1997 which made him the top field trial dog in Europe!  Once you hunt over a Braque Francais (French Pointer), you will be amazed at their temperament, agility, and natural abilities! They love to hunt and love to please! Contact us today for availability!

Lady and Belle on a solid point
A good day in the field!
A good day in the field!